This is an innovative and revolutionary product enabling you to create e-liquids according to your taste.
In just three simple steps, you can get your own, unique and perfect flavor.



Choose Your Base

Base is a 10ml neutral liquid available in 4 strengths of nicotine: 0 mg/ml - 6mg/ml - 12mg/ml - 18mg/ml

Choose Your Flavour

Choose your favorite flavor. The aromas are available in 24 different flavors. Press the disposable refill and make your desired flavor mix in an instant. Enjoy the richness of different flavors!

Shake & Vape

Shake & Vape is revolutionary product that allows you to get a customised e-cig liquid. Thanks to the patented mini ampoules, in just 3 easy and practical steps you can get your own taste blend.

Vape & Enjoy

Enjoy the rich flavors using your customized vape cocktail mix!

Why Choose Shake & Vape?

Innovative and revolutionary product that enables you to create your own unique e-liquid

Your perfect flavour is ready in just three simple steps

Available in 24 differente flavours and 4 differente nicotine strenghts

Easy and comfortable to carry wherever you go

About Us

ELDA Ltd. is a company that has been successfully operating for more than 35 years. We have been active in selling electronic cigarettes and manufacturing e-liquids since 2008.

The company has been developing rapidly, keeping pace with the fast rise of e-cigarette industry, and has grown in a short amount of time from a small family company into one of the leaders in the world market!

By participating in all relevant conferences and fairs, connecting all our knowledge, skills, information, and the possibilities of the latest technology, we provide quality products and services which will ensure continued progress for our customers.

We only work with high quality EU ingredients and the largest distributors of pharmaceutical grade nicotine in the world. The production is eco-friendly. All manufacturing methods, formulas, and procedures are supervised by chemical engineers, who guarantee consistency and safety.

Specialization is a key to success. Our focus on the development of e-liquids for our business customers encourages motivation and passion for our products in this industry. All of our products have been specially developed and optimized for use in electronic smoking devices (ESDs) to make our products unique and superior on the market for our clients.

We are helping our clients 24/7; we are accepting responsibility, which means quick generation of new ideas and flavors. Our clients can benefit from our flexibility when it comes to using our knowledge and expertise to find answers to new challenges and immediately develop new solutions.

Vape & Enjoy

Enjoy the rich flavors using your customized vape cocktail mix!